Big Tessie's Egg Nog

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This recipe is from my great-grandmother, and it is a family favorite, at least with those of us who enjoy bourbon. The funniest bit about the recipe is calling for about a handful of sugar per egg. My great-grandmother had very small hands, and so do I. Therefore, I make this one perfectly!

  • 1 dozen fresh eggs, wash outer shells
  • sugar
  • 6 to 8 ounces bourbon
  • 1 pint heavy cream (or double if you wish to add more whiskey!)
  1. These are the directions as handed down to me from my great-grandmother (Big Tessie), to her daughter, Mama B, to my Aunt (Little Tessie).
  2. Beat yolks of 12 eggs. Add sugar gradually (a handful* to each egg). Beat each handful thoroughly as sugar dribbles in. Then beat all until no grain remains un-dissolved. (Use only Godchaux sugar). Next gradually add 6-8 oz. of Bourbon to the beaten eggs. Then fold in stiffly-beaten whites of eggs. Lastly, fold in one pint of cream that has been whipped (whipping cream). Or fold in 2 pints whipped cream and use 9 oz. whiskey.
approximately 10 cups
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